About the Course

  • Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering is a specialized branch of Electrical and Electronics deals with measurement and control of processes and bridges almost all the branches of engineering.
  • Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering is about Automation of all types of industries with the communication concepts of Electronics and design methodologies using instrumentation systems.
  • Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering is about designing, erection and commissioning of Programmable logic controllers(PLC), Distributed control systems(DCS), Supervisory control and data acquisition systems(SCADA) for process industries, pharmaceutical industries, iron & steel industries, power plants, fertilizer & food industries and paper industries.
  • Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering is a multidisciplinary stream provides job opportunities in Process industries, Electric power systems, medical instrumentation, control engineering, information technology, Robotics and automation, petrochemical industries, refineries etc.
  • Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering has wide research opportunities in the field of defense, aircraft, space vehicles, submarines, missiles launching systems and all process industries.
  • Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering is meant for calibration and testing of all measuring instruments around the world to ensure quality of production process and research activity.

Scenario of Instrumentation Engineer

Opportunities for Instrumentation Engineers

Automation with PLC & DCS

  • Introduces automation concepts with optimization, ease of operation, monitoring of more plant parameters and ensure tighter control in production.
  • Applied in process industries, specialty chemicals, pharmaceutical, food, beverage and consumer goods producers.

Artificial intelligence with Robotics

  • Focuses on industrial robots to perform hazardous and critical task using Artificial intelligence.
  • Facilitate knowledge in computer systems to design smart machines that require intelligence in par with human expertise.

Communication and Industrial Networking

  • Incorporates design, implementation and analysis of computer networks and mobile networks that communicates instruments in industry with people.

Embedded systems with IOT

  • Explosive growth of the “Internet of Things” to innovate new designs and smart products in industries and for home automation.
  • Embedded systems build the unique software and hardware that controls individual processes and devices.

Bio-Medical Instruments

  • Design of digitized medical instruments like MRI, CT scan, ECG, EMG EEG etc. to be used precisely for diagnosing in medical field.

Power plant, Petrochemical and fertilizer industries

  • Provides a commissioning and erection of the instruments that are used to measure and control the processes of electric power generation, Petroleum process and fertilizer manufacturing.

Process instruments

  • Monitoring, troubleshooting and maintenance of Process instruments used in water, wastewater treatment and other industrial manufacturing systems to measure pressure, level, flow, pH, turbidity, conductivity, temperature, humidity, force, speed and other variables.

Testing and calibration

  • Procedure for Calibration of industrial Instruments to verify and maintain accuracy to international standards.
  • Testing the working of industrial instruments for the parameters like Flow, Pressure, level, Temperature etc.